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Wilson Cruz Opens Up About ‘Star Trek’ Finally Going Gay – HuffPost

Original Discovery showrunners Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman were clear from its inception that Discovery would continue Star Trek’s longtime premise of inclusion – and do so with a series of firsts. Not only are Stamets and Culber introduced as the steady relationship on the show, Fuller was intent on casting a black woman as the lead character, and Sonequa Martin-Green flourishes as Michael Burnham, a disgraced former commander fighting to find her ground after a monumental mistake. Her character is a direct reference to Nichelle Nichol’s Uhura, still the most visible black woman in science fiction today, yet relegated to a supporting role on the original series – and Majel Barret’s “Number One,” the original first officer from Rodenberry’s never-released Star Trek pilot, “The Cage.” NBC refused the idea of a female first officer in 1966 – and instead, Spock was chosen for that role. Discovery is making every attempt to right the wrongs of previously marginalized character types – and it’s a fact not lost on Cruz.

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