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Miss Gay – Funny Video

They make the world a fun place to live in. I love them.. ♥_♥ WARNING: I am a happy person. Any negative comments will be removed. ^_^ Bee Happee !!!

Be Mine

25 Responses to “Miss Gay – Funny Video”

  1. asrocklean says:

    sapat hahahahahahah grabe kadlaw ko

  2. heyryedan heyhey says:

    hahaha oh gosh nautot ako i mean, nag-fart aketzenia mga baklush

  3. merbin joey Sagaray says:

    waw…nice kabeki…

  4. xyclus says:

    anung konek ng mga sagot nila?

  5. Mel Ferraris says:


  6. Jose Rizal says:


  7. Dejemark Campoamor says:

    bongga!!! so funny!!!!kayo nah!!!!

  8. tetrulz jam says:

    hahahahahaha made my day

  9. eiretsulc rialb says:

    Hahahaa.. i love ittt.

  10. maycute0515 says:

    tu meyk tu da pipol happy end tu meyk da world kulorpul hehehe happy happy
    lang tayo

  11. jonas malabrigo says:

    ahahahaha nakakatawa ung huli hagalpak ako ng tawa

  12. axistence88 says:

    I love number one hahaha she nailed it …. Go miss kolourfull. 🙂

  13. juan almario luiz manalese says:

    ang BOBO nang mga baklang ito…

  14. howard conley says:

    One man is loved, for the rest of the life… The best haha

  15. Sarah Geronimo says:

    payrents, yup! payrents….

  16. thatsme949 says:

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  17. macco Zeedagmor says:

    mga chakkkka

  18. syl reyes says:

    alla mang balbalay ni babakla..

  19. jeffsey rivas says:

    hindi sya nurse..teacher cya ..hahahaha

  20. markho ian says:

    hahaha bayota ka

  21. markho ian says:

    ahak oi hahaha

  22. bryskiboi says:

    parang mga sisiw, tirik ang ilaw…

  23. kicolle1 says:


  24. sourcheesepringles says:

    My parents make proud of me ampota

  25. Jeff Bagcal says:

    They all tried to answer the questions within the realm of their knowledge,
    it may not be the best answers and though some of them are just plain
    ridiculous but we don’t have any right to call any of them “BOBO”.


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