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Gay Comedian Jonny McGovern takes on The Gays of The 70’s

Live at The Punchline SF

Be Mine

9 Responses to “Gay Comedian Jonny McGovern takes on The Gays of The 70’s”

  1. ddfigs says:

    I was there!!! Thank you who ever recorded this!!

  2. 2frootysnicks says:

    Please post more!!! I have been having to watch the Gotham standup utube as
    well as the videos and also the ‘tubes with Nadya and Selena and Lynda
    James over thousands of times!! They kill me everytime 🙂 Love You
    Jonny!!!!!! Columbus Ohio!! XOXO

  3. Johnny M says:

    “Straight-acting gay man” = “Self-loating closet case.”

  4. Raven Newton says:

    lol i found you by accident, i am a straight female so i wasn’t searching
    for gay but damn i love your music videos and now that i have seen your
    comedy i am a big fan. your really funny……

  5. Michelle Davidson says:

    Lookin’ cute and feelin’ cute Jonny. You’re barber’s doing a fabulous job
    on the face.

  6. hellohappytime says:

    Don’t bring around AIDS to rain on myyyyy parade You are so awesome – and
    one of my inspirations for my dinky little channel.

  7. lesterclaypool1 says:

    I’m a straight male who’s wife got me hooked on Jonny’s comedy. He’s one of
    the few original comedians on the circuit today, gay, straight or otherwise.

  8. Rainbow Cockerel says:

    Well “straight-acting” isnt masculine cus technically straight men CAN be
    effeminate so “straight acting” actually completely contradicts the
    gayness. How can one act straight and get with guys. A guy would only act
    straight to get chicks so… its like wtf? Dont make sense! Masculine gay
    man is what McGovern was supposed to say not “straight-acting”.

  9. steveo7705 says:



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