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Gay Bear Comic Book – Bludgeon #0 by Jeremy Owen Published by Burly Press

If you want to get this comic, go to: This is a comic book sent to me by Jeremy Owen, the writer/artist of this comic book. Check …


25 Responses to “Gay Bear Comic Book – Bludgeon #0 by Jeremy Owen Published by Burly Press”

  1. Kalinda Zakn says:

    was the song you use in the intro created specifically for this vlog?

  2. GayComicGeek says:

    @amicusnemini Well it wasn’t made for this specific video, but it was made
    and given to me for my vlogs.

  3. cdnsee says:

    Love being a big gay bear 🙂

  4. L Eddy says:

    you are unbelieveably hot.

  5. gyqz says:


  6. DeanieBoy25 says:

    What camera do you use to film your videos?

  7. Rikun1 says:

    This is my big beef with ‘zero’ issues. Its not that I hate them or even
    thing they shouldn’t be made, but a lot of them feel unfinished. Most of
    the issue zero comics I’ve read give way too little information and leave
    me feeling unsatisfied. I guess the idea is that it will draw readers back
    for the big issue One but it still annoys me. Still, this comic doesn’t
    look too bad and it did peak my interest. The bulge made me happy, as well.

  8. SHOW STOPER41339 says:

    no your not realy gay if u are that cool brother i been subed to u for a
    wile love the reviews much respect were do u find all your cool comic’s God

  9. JansRox says:

    well. the intro is VERY nerdy

  10. zxcbyyyy says:

    The ending was perfect!

  11. Reborn8303 says:

    Awesome shirt !

  12. Rob Smoot says:

    The ending was perfect.

  13. xanthis2001 says:

    How do you feel about Michelle Bachman being promoted on your channel?

  14. johnny grey says:

    lol big bulge huh, you crack me up.

  15. GayComicGeek says:

    @djorlando64 Check the link to BurlyPress in the info of this vid. It’ll
    take you to the site selling the comic.

  16. GayComicGeek says:

    @IDH2008 Not lately, but I’m waiting too. I have issue 1 and I think 2, but
    that’s it.

  17. creatorofevil says:

    I love that shirt.

  18. GayComicGeek says:

    @Xcorgi I love the show. I didn’t know there was a comic. I may check it
    out now.

  19. Xcorgi says:

    @GayComicGeek Sorry, but I think you mis-interpreted my statement. I was
    refering to the show itself as being the best comic book satire ever made
    and I was asking if you had any ideas on how to get Marvel, DC or any other
    comic book publisher to finally make this beloved show an actual comic
    book. What do you think? Also, have you heard anyone else clamoring for
    this show to become a comic book?

  20. FurkanKhan100 says:

    stfu and sit on my face.

  21. GayComicGeek says:

    Inner peace…hehe and tranquility

  22. GayComicGeek says:


  23. ricardopc82 says:

    Thanks you… comic is gay?

  24. Galimatías Oximoroniano says:

    Uhhhhhh antiheroes rock!!! Anyways i like the fact that it is “different”
    gay comic, i mean, if you want romance i personally go for japanese art,
    “Bara” ofc its a type of yaoi, aaaanyways i think the story might be
    intressting, bears rock. PD: I like the idea after your videos.

  25. DavidJosephDanbee says:

    Omg Can I have your workout tips?


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