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Gay Bar Song – The Armstrong and Miller Show – S2 Ep4 Preview – BBC One

More about this episode: A period rendition of Gay Bar by Electric Six. Sketch show star…

Men To Kiss

Earnest is a banker who finds his work and personal life thrown upside down after he meets and quickly falls in love with Tobi, a flighty, high energy performance artist who lives for the city’s wild nightlife. The two are complete opposites but they want to make it work and need all the help they can get from Tobi’s coterie of alternative friends. But when Earnest’s friend Uta arrives on the scene she thinks Earnest can do much better and schemes to break them apart-setting off a frenzied battle of the ‘fashionista’ divas. Funny, fresh and unpredictable this light-hearted romp through queer Berlin and a few of its colorful characters makes Men to Kiss an absolute delight!

Special Features:

  • Making Of Men To Kiss Featurette
  • Outtakes
  • Original Trailer
  • TLA Releasing Trailers

25 Responses to “Gay Bar Song – The Armstrong and Miller Show – S2 Ep4 Preview – BBC One”

  1. Madara Nyanko says:

    Илитный клуб.

  2. Graham Thomson says:

    “You Sir! I wish to take you to a Gay Bar!”

    Why aren’t more Historical Dramas like this?

  3. Mark Thomas says:

    Always makes me smile :)

  4. Maarten Keswiel says:


  5. boris yeltsin says:

    what a scream i nearly wet myself laughing

  6. Ira Savinskaya says:

    Arttu, thank you! You made my evening!))))

  7. CanOfMapleSyrup says:

    as he drank 12 shots of absinthe and tried to swim the channel… all that
    was left was his top hat and his ssilk scarf, the rest was just dust… 😀

  8. 안재우 says:

    Gay Bar !!

  9. xXShadowEyesXx says:

    Few people are as cool as you.

  10. TheAniman5000 says:

    *Madam, i wish to propose we arrange a rendezvous at a drinking
    establishment specialised for homosexuals

  11. Pascal Engler says:

    Verily, by Vectron’s kindly claw.

  12. Dan Jamieson says:

    Speaking of Gay Bars…

  13. DjTokenMusic says:

    oh my god, this is fuckin genius!

  14. Leo McCauley says:

    Monday morning? Cheer up!

  15. Colin Todd says:

    I’d love to just walk into a bar sit at the piano and hammer that gay song
    out and then just walk out. Class. I can dream.

  16. Reginald Dyer says:


  17. sookyungcho10 says:


  18. Andy Davidson says:

    I find him to be astonishingly HAWT

  19. Marisa Hiyama says:


  20. 창환 최 says:

    Gay bar~~

  21. ThePanjmudek says:

    so what was the tune the pianist played first?

  22. Occultus Gladius says:

    Ode to Joy, set to music by by Ludwig von Beethoven from the final movement
    of his 9th Symphony. My favourite version is this VnT7pT6zCcA

  23. no1hereagain says:

    just brilliant

  24. Ernst von Lage says:

    The first song is called greensleeves

  25. Jn Jn says:

    I must learn this on piano! 0:23


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