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DAILY GRACE & GAY FACE : Andre Black Nerd

Andre with Daily Grace Helbig & Lisbug Lisa Schwartz. COMMENT: Let me know what you think of Andre on Sunday? Popoholics Ep. 31 –…


25 Responses to “DAILY GRACE & GAY FACE : Andre Black Nerd”

  1. weirdandlazy1 says:


  2. MagicDadyRescueForce says:


  3. Dark85Knight says:

    I wonder, what else could you pay Grace to do. Hmmm…

  4. jr123 says:


  5. Roberto Cordero says:

    The intro and the fact I had already seen the second part of this vid in
    Andre’s second channel, made me do a double-take. “What channel I’m on?” 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your Popoholics episode with Grace!

  6. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    Sorry for the confusion, ha ha! I’m trying doing some of my favorite Andre
    vlogs on Sundays on the main channel, since some people miss them. What do
    you think?

  7. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    Love her, too!

  8. JoshRimer says:

    Grace is everywhere! No wonder she’s been getting so big. Of course, she’s
    also totally awesome. And I didn’t even realize you were in that music
    video with Lisa! Great costume. 😀

  9. justin fernandez says:


  10. TheStrider85 says:

    Love black nerd but this isn’t my kind of vid, please do what you like tho

  11. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    I totally understand. That’s why if I keep doing this, I want to do it on a
    specific day, so if you’re into it, great, and if not, you can skip it for
    the other videos. I was doing Andre vlogs on the 2nd channel, but some of
    them I enjoy so much, I want more of my cousins to see them. So that’s why
    I thought I would put the “highlights” here. Thanks for your honesty.

  12. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    Feel free to re-watch it as much as you wish, ha ha!

  13. Andre Meadows says:

    NEW VIDEO! Trying something new… “Andre on Sunday” vlogs on Black Nerd
    Comedy! This one guest stars +Grace Helbig and +Lisa Schwartz! Let me know
    what you think of the idea…

  14. zxk77 says:

    Yes, Daily Grace on AwkwardTalksWithGirls! Do it up nerd cousin.

  15. ranvideogamer says:

    Thanks for introducing me to some of my favorite youtubers Andre i.e,
    DailyGrace in your vidcon creeper video last year, and Lamar Wilson from
    your collaboration vids

  16. fujibuds says:

    youtubers count but we really don’t much. its mainly a numbers reason.

  17. fuuuuuuuism says:

    I love you too Andre!

  18. andrew says:

    Omg now ur back in the closet 🙁 how could you do this to me boo 🙁

  19. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    Thanks, castles FTW!

  20. Black Nerd Comedy says:

    Yes, Muffy! My bad! I think Molly was a relative in one of the episodes and
    I get the names switched. But enough of that… let’s talk about Jodie. Yum!

  21. CaliAssassin1 says:

    Andre is not gay people

  22. Will E. says:

    You’re not helping to change your mothers opinion about your sexuality with
    this role lol

  23. LoboMaloArte says:

    Standing that close to Grace……maybe an Awkward Talks in the future.
    Andre, rubbing the feet of YouTube’s sweetheart. Tsk, Lucky! lol,
    Seriously, all my favorite YouTubers coming together, it’s like when Space
    Ghost met the Herculoids! Better than the Muppet Babies and Garfield
    talking about how bad drugs are. I need to get in on the whole
    collaboration thing, but then again, I’d probably end up like a Red Shirt.

  24. cheneeamoi93 says:

    Daily grace looks like Alyssa Milano.

  25. salsarific says:

    2:06 I lost it hahahahah


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