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Comedy Show Jay Hind! Gay Professor & Priyanka Chopra

Jay Hind! Episode 56 : Segment 2 – Sumeet presents more howlarious happenings from around the world and the highlights are the idiotic dismissal of the gay p…

Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love

A madcap coming-out story with a wicked bent, Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love has it all: sex, drugs, and 80’s rock ‘n’ roll, piercings and tattoos, drag queens and near-death experiences, all with a beautiful San Francisco backdrop and enough twists and turns to make even Lombard Street jealous. Your mama never told you that being queer could be this much fun!

Praise for Sparkle:
“The charm of this glorious read rests in Rosen’s wit and sense of timing. The characters literally leap off the page as the story effortlessly unfolds and blossoms before your eyes… If you’re looking for an uplifting gay romp of a read then look no further, as Sparkle is most definitely the queerest book you’ll ever love.” – GaydarNation
“Rosen spins a fresh and colorful tale with style and wit of which to be envious. Don’t be surprised when you actually laugh aloud as he weaves this account of comedy, intrigue, and suspense. Rosen gives the reader a glimpse of Gay Life. And what fun it can be!” – StoneWall Society
“Sparkle is the epitome of why everyone should want to be a gay male – and gives the reader a complete blueprint on how to do it! My hope is that this book tops some lists this year. (Oprah, you listening, hon?)” – Quest Magazine
“Add a little alcohol, drugs, and sex, and the unpredictable kinds of people you’re likely to find on the streets of Baghdad by the Bay, and you have one of the most unusual novels to come out of gay San Francisco in quite some time.” – The Letter
“Rosen’s writing is hip and provocative. His characters don’t pull any punches and they don’t mince words. The narrator’s blunt manner is especially appealing as he describes his lurid coming of age with Sparkle as mentor and friend… Somewhere between Queer as Folk and Hedwig and the Angry Inch lies Sparkle, which may well be the queerest book you’ll ever read.” – X Factor
“This book has all the potential for becoming the next gay cult classic! Because if you read it, you’re sure to love it and tell at least a half dozen friends to get their hands on it, too.” – OurBookShelf
“Readers will find themselves laughing right out loud as Rosen’s comfortable style pulls them into Sparkle and Secret’s twisted lives… An absolute perfect way to take a San Francisco vacation without actually hopping on a plane.” – The Texas Triangle

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