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Aziz Ansari on Gay Marriage

Comedy bad boy Aziz Ansari, a/k/a comedy heart throb Aziz Ansari talking about gay marriage laws.

A Wedding Most Strange

25 Responses to “Aziz Ansari on Gay Marriage”

  1. Ricardo Cortez says:


  2. shortyc505 says:

    all this “fag” talk is entirely supporting Aziz’s point. Fag is a word of
    hate, and anybody who uses it has no right to claim that they have logical
    reasons for denying homosexuals their rights.

  3. Lea Terry says:

    He’s on to something

  4. jacarradicefrench says:

    You raise an interesting view: the libertarian. The belief that the
    individual is most important; above all else. Individualism is a selfish
    trait, holding your material self above spirituality and all the divinity
    that comes with such (read René Guénon). I am not one to think it’s morally
    acceptable for homosexuals to invade an exclusive union between
    heterosexuals. Society must find a moral commonality, it cannot be founded
    upon individualist beliefs.

  5. IndifferentSky says:

    Why not?

  6. BA Pink says:

    Fuck faggots

  7. FuckingWackAsHell says:

    Literally took the words right out of my mouth.

  8. Mykle Beck says:

    Look at Satan giving people intelligent responses to religious bigotry…
    what a pal!

  9. Anittah Patrick says:
  10. lozoft9 says:

    Rot in hell, dumb racist bastard.

  11. joel2ksweet says:

    the majority of Indian people aren’t muslim they are sikh, not that he is
    either. well done on not choosing to think for yourself though, top marks
    on that one. You.Dumb.Ass.Motherfucker

  12. alott94 says:

    Not if people in within those religions hold their faith. Another persons
    sexuality should not diminish a religious entity because a law passes.

  13. nonnanevrotica says:

    Don’t bring Seinfeld into this. It’s the greatest sitcom ever written,
    bitch please.

  14. logsdonj says:

    And if anybody knows about pain, it’s you…am i right? am i right? I’ll be
    here all week…tip your waitresses.

  15. judyleasugar97 says:

    Maybe it’s painful for gay people not to be allowed to marry. Every think
    of that?

  16. judyleasugar97 says:

    So you don’t care about other people’s pain? That’s just so Christianly . .
    . not.

  17. judyleasugar97 says:

    My comment was, that’s just so Christianly, NOT. When did Christ ever say
    anything against gay people? I’m waiting.

  18. judyleasugar97 says:

    That’s Old Testament. I meant from Jesus. You’ve got Jesus on your avatar
    so I assume you call yourself a Christian. Something from him condemning
    homosexuality? He never said anything, though so called Christians condemn
    gays in his name. By the way the Old Testament also recommends stoning
    people who don’t wear a particular hat on Sunday. I don’t think the Old
    Testament can be taken literally (or the New for that matter).

  19. Roma9532 says:


  20. judyleasugar97 says:

    Okay, you have no response so you resort to personal insults.

  21. Joshua Fricke says:

    Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us.
    (Galatians 3:13) It was Jesus’ death on the cross that rescued us from the
    curse of the Law. If we insist on following the Law and imposing the Law on
    others, we negate the cross of Christ, and repudiate Christ’s death on the
    cross. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and
    do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians

  22. momo see says:

    no he is not stupid gay people get killed legally in saudi arabia AND IRAN
    and live a painful life in islamic countries because of islam actually
    every one who isn t a moslem is opressed in islamic countries after all it
    is the religion that teaches i t s followers to kill it s apostates and all
    jews gays infidels islam the worst thing ever happened to humanity

  23. Kristina4evr says:


  24. NycBeauty says:


  25. Artavius Simpson says:

    Ok I’m a christian. And don’t support gay marriage. That doesn’t mean I
    hate gay people. I have nothing against the people just don’t support what
    they do. And in christian culture its the actions we are against not the
    people love everybody not what they do. And the people targeting people of
    religion whether it be hindi, islqm, christiqnity, judism or whatever you
    are no worse that the few who actually do wrong against them. You are all
    about supporting what ypu believe in but over 95% of the world has religion
    against it yet you slander us and tell us we are wrong and are dicks
    everybody has views on things. And saying someone against gay marraige is
    homophobic ( phobia being an irrational fear of something potentially
    harmless ) then evrybody supporting gay marraige is a fag who is angry. Not
    that I feel that way but thats the logic thats being used. If you have a
    question about what the bible says look it up yourself Jesus never directly
    says homosexuallity is wrong because there were other sins he was talking
    about as well. Dont be ignorant in your argument. That is all.


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