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22ND ST. comedy bar with ate gay and many more!!~~

22nd st. comedy bar with ate gay and many more!!the talents are so funny . .esp. the fat one (chubbylita) i love the girl with a golden voice!!the pitch is s…

Men To Kiss

Earnest is a banker who finds his work and personal life thrown upside down after he meets and quickly falls in love with Tobi, a flighty, high energy performance artist who lives for the city’s wild nightlife. The two are complete opposites but they want to make it work and need all the help they can get from Tobi’s coterie of alternative friends. But when Earnest’s friend Uta arrives on the scene she thinks Earnest can do much better and schemes to break them apart-setting off a frenzied battle of the ‘fashionista’ divas. Funny, fresh and unpredictable this light-hearted romp through queer Berlin and a few of its colorful characters makes Men to Kiss an absolute delight!

Special Features:

  • Making Of Men To Kiss Featurette
  • Outtakes
  • Original Trailer
  • TLA Releasing Trailers

5 Responses to “22ND ST. comedy bar with ate gay and many more!!~~”

  1. skyscoreful says:

    oh my goodness!!!many views already!!keep on viewing if you like it!!heheh
    for those who did, thank you so much!!

  2. skyscoreful says:

    im going to upload more videos. . .

  3. esternonrey says:

    idol tlaga c ate gay,,parehas cla n vice ganda,,they make me laugh
    everytime i saw there videos on youtube,,more power!

  4. skyscoreful says:

    @esternonrey me too. . the’re so amazing!! . .bilis nang nilang maka isip
    ng pick-up lines nila. . thanks for watching!!


    i just wasted my minutes…im gonna search more ate gay vids…kumanta lang
    ng zombie…yun na yun…


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